Hiking the Springbrook Pinnacle: The perfect outdoor picnic spot

The countdown is on to Waterfall season! After having so much fun hiking Pages Pinnacle recently, and with the first of the spring rains gracing Queensland’s south east region, I was excited to make the journey up to Springbrook NP to check out the Pinnacle I'd heard was out this way.

Celebrating at the top of the Springbrook Pinnacle, Gold Coast Hinterland Hike

Because its all about the light we decided to start the hike at Sunrise so hooking up Esmeralda I headed off straight after work on Friday to park at The Settlement in Springbrook National Park. Nestled right near Purling Brook Falls the campsite is ideally situated for hiking adventures!

After a perfect , but late, night of star gazing, beer and contemplative conversation, awaking in the morning proved a little trickier than normal. I finally managed to convince my hiking partner to wake up (note to self: do not invite them on any other predawn adventures!) and we arranged to meet at canyon lookout for 6am, while I went ahead to watch the sunrise over the Gold Coast with my best friend.

The Adventure

It wasn’t the most spectacular morning for a sunrise hike, with lots of clouds covering the horizon, but it was still worth the effort as the sky lit up golden and hot air balloons floated across the vista.

The walk in to the pinnacle through the Warrie Circuit is spectacularly beautiful, with waterfalls at every turn, birds chirping and the lush subtropical rainforest providing a leafy canopy to walk beneath I would happily visit here every weekend. We decided to go the long way in which proved a smart move as after relaxing at the Pinnacle for a while I was well entrenched in chill mode and ready to head back for lunch and a nap.

The track for the pinnacle leads off the main circuit through bushland and was relatively easy to follow once you were on it. The terrain changes as you head out leaving the sub-tropical behind and becomes more gum filled. As we neared the end of the path, the pinnacle rocks came into view and we got to enjoy a little bit of scrambling and playing before reaching the top.

The view from the summit was spectacular, the sky now clear, we could see uninterrupted across to the coast and up to Tweed. With plenty of room to sit, find some space and just relax, it would be easy to spend an afternoon up here with friends enjoying the view and company. #nexttimeipromisetobringthebeer

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“Lost is a state of mind, I prefer to think of it as exploring” - Lia Skye

What to Expect

A relaxing, meandering walk in along a well pathed track . And waterfalls, lots of waterfalls!

How to get there

Put Canyon Lookout into your GPS or click here for Google Maps


Water – At least 3 Litres depending on how much you drink and the time of year you choose to hike in.

A Picnic Blanket to sit up at the top of the pinnacle and enjoy the view!


Next time I'll be taking a full picnic but if you are just going to sit for a little while at the lunch and a couple of snacks should suffice.

As always make sure to take all your rubbish and packaging with you!

Further Reading (for all the technical deets)

You can read more about the Springbrook Pinnacle and get the Wikiloc trail by clicking here

The seemingly endless photo gallery...

Watching the Sunrise over the waterfall. Springbrook Pinnacle, Gold Coast Hinterland Hike

Once the rains start these falls will be flowing! Springbrook Pinnacle, Gold Coast Hinterland Hike

The walk in through the Warrie Circuit is paradise. Springbrook Pinnacle, Gold Coast Hinterland Hike

Following the creek bed. Springbrook Pinnacle, Gold Coast Hinterland Hike

The Meeting of the Waters. Not a bad sport to stop for a break! Springbrook Pinnacle, Gold Coast Hinterland Hike

Just a trickle at the moment but after the last weeks rain these babies will be on full flow this weeekend! Springbrook Pinnacle, Gold Coast Hinterland Hike

Natures shower. Springbrook Pinnacle, Gold Coast Hinterland Hike

View from the top of the Pinnacle, you can see all the way across to Coolangatta. Springbrook Pinnacle, Gold Coast Hinterland Hike

Nearly back at the carpark and were greeted with this view. That little pointy thing in the middle is the Pinnacle! Springbrook Pinnacle, Gold Coast Hinterland Hike

On the off shoot trail to the Pinnacle and we come across this tree, it reminded me of a licorice twist!

The lush tropical path of the Warrie Circuit. Springbrook Pinnacle, Gold Coast Hinterland Hike

Image by Lionel HESRY

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